What are essential oils? In simple terms, essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. They are distilled from a plant’s seeds, flowers, bark, roots, leaves, stems, rinds, fruit and resin. As an example, in citrus fruits, essential oils are found inside the peel.

Within the plants they’re extracted from, essential oils create that plant’s signature scent along with other benefits. Plants depend on their oils to attract pollinating insects and repel predators. Once extracted, essential oils will often have a stronger scent than the plants they come from with more concentrated effects.

To enjoy the benefits of essential oils, you can use them topically (usually diluted with a carrier oil), aromatically (think diffusing), or internally (vitality line). Be sure to always check individual labels for instructions on how to use and apply an essential oil. Ask your doctor if you’re not sure a particular oil is right for you.

But be warned...not all oils are created equal! So how do you know which oils are right for you?  First, you want to find a company you can trust. But how do you do that?  Here's a few tips.  

Read the label 
A quality essential oil company should be upfront and transparent about their products. The plant's name (look for the Latin name) should be listed on the label. Look for any additions or synthetics that might dilute the oil's purity.

Research the company
Find a company with a reputable and established name.

Look for dark glass containers
Dark-tinted glass protects the quality of the oil and will not degrade over time unlike plastic bottles. You want a company who will make sure their product arrives in the best condition.

Compare prices
You've heard the phrase "you get what you pay for"?  Well, that is definitely the truth when it comes to essential oils.  Prices for individual oils will vary depending on harvesting and how much raw plant material is needed to produce each drop of oil.  It takes 22 pounds of rose petals to produce one 5 ml bottle of Rose essential oil.  That definitely makes me question the purity of that $7 bottle of oil at the grocery store.

Hopefully these tips will help you find an essential oil company you can trust and partner with on your journey to wellness.


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